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[October 30 AFP] The World Health Organization (World Health Organization, WHO) of U.N. (UN) announced on the 29th that it checked infection of poliomyelitis in Syria under a civil war.
Although it was sick and had not generated in the country in 1999 and afterwards, WHO is warning that there is a possibility that there is a possibility of bringing about paralysis of the limbs and that infection may be expanded from now on of poliomyelitis.
In the ? country, poliomyelitis infection of 22 children who showed the condition of acute relaxation (it does not spread) paralysis was suspected about two weeks ago.
The press secretary of the WHO poliomyelitis measure division showed clearly that the infection to 1 type wild strain poliomyelitis virus was checked by ten persons as opposed to reporters.
12 persons’ inspection which remains is under continuation, and it is said that a result is likely to become clear in a few days.
? — the case report of these is concentrated on the eastern country デリゾール (Deir Ezzor) prefecture, and each patient is made into less than 2 years old.
The multiple address way official has told “Whether in addition to this, the case of acute flaccid paralysis is found, and it is continuing the surveillance of the illness even in the Syria whole country and neighboring countries.”
An assistance organization and the health authorities of Syria strengthen the measure which inoculates the vaccine of the measles, mumps, and German measles into 2,400,000 children in addition to poliomyelitis the last week when it waited for the test result of the case of which ? report was done.
The United Nations says that the number of polio vaccine uninoculated children for the past two years is amounting to 500,000 people owing to an unstable political situation, although about 95% of the child had received the vaccination in Syria in front of a civil war.
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