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[March 28 AFP] Union of European Football Association (Union of European Football Associations, UEFA) is 27 days and the annual meeting held in Astana (Astana) in Kazakhstan, Foundation of nation ズリーグ (Nations League) for which the representation of Europe each country fights was determined unanimously.
In ? convention, the division division of all the 54 nations of UEFA affiliation will be carried out, and they will fight for right-of-participation 4 frame of promotion, demotion, and also a European Championship (UEFA Euro) book convention.
Chairman Michelle Plalini (Michel Platini) of ?UEFA comments that European countries were asking for the change from “the friendly match nobody indicates interest to be.”
? — although not determined about final contents, in the present plan, each country are divided into four divisions, and also it can distribute to 3 or four groups by 4 teams.
? each country are a convention of the first time performed from September, 2018 just behind the World Cup Russia convention in 2018 (2018 World Cup) to November, and will play four games or six games.
Each victory country of four groups will be pitched against each other, applying a title in 2019, and the championship country will participate in a European Championship book convention.
The Europe club association (European Club Association, ECA) which consists of ?, on the other hand a top club of European countries assumes “It is gazing at the announcement of UEFA”. “unless the number of games changes in the calendar of an international match, the contrary is not carried out to such plans.
When the details about a convention system become further clear, ECA has issued the schedule” and declaration which are scrutinized about the influence which may take place to the soccer community of a club.

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