SARS様ウイルス、コウモリから人に直接感染 英科学誌

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[October 31 AFP] SARS which about 800 persons died of centering on China ten years ago in Asia () [ Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and ] Without the SARS-like coronavirus (SL-CoV) similar to the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) leading to severe acute respiratory syndrome carrying an animal From the bat of a virus source to direct The paper of the international scientist team to which it is supposed that the corroboration infected with people was obtained was announced by English science journal Nature (Nature) on the 30th.
The origin of the virus which caused ?SARS is considered to be a horseshoe bat which inhabits China.
But, from the gene of the SARS-like coronavirus detected from this bat, the capability to adhere to people’s cell directly was not able to be checked until now.
It has been thought that it is an intermediary host who varies to the form to which the virus by which the tree cat was detected from the bat can be infected with people since the coronavirus like ?SARS is detected also from the tree cat currently sold at the wild animal market in China.
Mr. Peter ダスザック (Peter Daszak) of international setting NPO “eco-health alliance (EcoHealth Alliance)” which makes New York, U.S., (New York) a base by ?, on the other hand the co-authoring person of a paper to e-mail coverage of AFP, The intermediary host said that he clarifies the unnecessary thing in a paper, and it was explained that it discovered that a team has the adhesive capacity power to people’s cell receptor (receptor) in the SARS-like coronavirus detected from the Chinese horseshoe bat.
The authors of ? paper say that this discovery has a very big meaning in respect of the measure against infection in public health, while two or more viruses which may cause a pandemic (global pandemic) exist still now including what was detected from the Chinese bat.
(c)AFP/Mariette LE ROUX
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