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[October 11 AFP] The former Beatles’ Paul McCartney (Paul McCartney) announced the surprise live in Times Square (Times Square) of New York, U.S., (New York) on the 10th, and it thrilled people whom the passage cut.
By the contribution to twitter (Twitter) of a microblog, ? McCartney notifies towards 1,600,000 people’s follower 1 hour before mini live holding, “It performs from 1:00 p.m. in Times Square ワオ ! today!”
This tweet was diffused in an instant.
? — in Times Square which is crowded with many persons since it is exactly called lunchtime, McCartney is an announcement about four music from the inclusion music of the new album “New” which is due to be put on the market in Britain in the U.S. on the 15th on the 14th.
On the pleasure, the fans who fortunately happened to be present contributed one the photograph and animation of the live after another to the twitter.
2 hours after ?, Times Square regained the usual situation as if there was what [ no ], and the tourists who know nothing were strolling about through it.

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