NY市で通勤列車が脱線、4人死亡 67人負傷

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[December 2 AFP] The train which picked up commuters was derailed in the New York, U.S., (New York) city Bronx (Bronx) area on the 1st, and, in at least four persons, death and 67 persons got injured.
? train stopped, just before derailing at high speed and falling into a cold river, when going south toward Grand Central Station (Grand Central station) of Manhattan (Manhattan).
The urgent authorities have started the large-scale relief activity.
According to ? New York Fire Department, four persons undertook death, 11 persons got seriously injured, and 56 persons got slightly injured.
A train is given up in the air and the authorities say that there were also a passenger to whom the fragment of vehicles was pierced in the body, and a passenger who cut tangled metal parts and was rescued.
Many of ? survivors break 手脚, or they are injured at the head or a head.
There were some persons guided while hitting the ice pack to the head by the bloody face.
Although ? accident cause was still unknown, the New York State governor, Andrew Cuomo (Andrew Cuomo), told “It seems that it was satisfactory on the track” to the U.S. MSNBC television, and when investigation which focused on “the operation situation and speed of the train” was conducted, he revealed.
Moreover, a running speed and the existence of brake use are investigated from the analysis of the black box on which the information in front of an accident is recorded, and it is said that it is in charge of cause unfolding.
At least one of ? passengers is saying that the train was running at speed quicker than usually.
the place where the accident occurred — Manhattan — it was a downhill curve which goes into a north spa イテン DAIBIRU (Spuyten Duyvil) station immediately.
? train was derailed before arriving at the station, and vehicles were given up by the bank which has separated the track from the Hudson (Hudson) river and the harem (Harlem) river.
Two rivers flow together at this point.
All seven vehicles were [ ? train ] derailed, and the lead coach stopped in the face of the river.
Although two vehicles fell sideways and also two vehicles were greatly derailed out of the track, the overthrow was escaped barely.
130 or more firemen ran to the spot, and stabilized vehicles using the air cushion.
Since there was a possibility that there may be a passenger given up by underwater [ cold ] under the influence of ? derailment, divers searched both rivers.
According to the police, three of the dead were given up from the train.
According to ? New York police management, it is concluded that 100 or more passengers were on the train.
The train left the town of the プーキ pussy (Poughkeepsie) at 6:00 a.m. (8:00 p.m. JST), and caused the accident 80 minutes afterward.
(c)AFP/Brigitte DUSSEAU

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