NSA、ヤフーとグーグルの国際通信網を傍受か 米紙報道

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[October 31 AFP] U.S. paper Washington Post (Washington Post) 30 days, U.S. National Security Agency (National Security Agency, NSA) reported having monitored the communication from the data center of U.S. Internet search major company Google (Google) and Internet major company Yahoo! (Yahoo) in every corner of the earth.
Based on the coverage to the information and the U.S. authorities who received from the former personnel of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and suspect Edward Snowden (Edward Snowden), the ? said paper, It is told that NSA can use this program and can collect data freely from hundreds of millions of people’s user account including the U.S. people.
According to the ? report, NSA and English Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) are employing the program called “MUSCULAR” together.
Thereby, both organizations can monitor the data which flows through the fiber-optic cable which Google and Yahoo! use.
It is said that it is regarded as the program currently carried out in secrecy unlike “PRISM” which needs a court decree for the data collection from a technology firm.
According to the secret documents dated January 9 this year which ? and a report quoted, about 181 million pieces of information were collected by 30-day Hazama by the same day.
The various data of the metadata of an E-mail, contents, such as a text, a sound, and an animation, etc. is contained in this.
? — it is shown in these documents again that NSA was performing interception of communications except the U.S. or that the communication provider on whom the company name lies down accepted access in profound secrecy.
It is indicated that the paper could work for NSA more freely U.S. outside than domestic [ which needs a court decree ].
? — Director Keith Alexander (Keith Alexander) of NSA said “to be seemed that the contents are not exact by it, although not consented” at the meeting held in capital Washington (Washington D.C.) concerning this report.
In ? one side, Google, and Yahoo!, all issue a statement about this problem, and it is being emphasized that access not only to the U.S. but any data center of its company or government organization is not accepted.
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