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[October 31 AFP] North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which was the enemies of the cold war which cannot be reconciled easily once, and Russia announced on the 30th that now the new field was cleared by the battle to the attack using the explosive which aimed at the public transportation facility and the sport hall which is a common enemy.
According to the video news of NATO about the ? Russia side partner By the period of about 4, and the “explosive remote detection (Stand-off Detection of Explosives, STANDEX) program” on which 4,800,000 euros (about 650 million yen) were bet, It is said that NATO countries and Russia can prevent a terrorist attack which occurred with the public transportation facility of English London (London), Spain Madrid (Madrid), and Russian Moscow (Moscow).
? — the government of each country of NATO, Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Turkey, and the U.S. paid funds, and the research institute and company of the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia developed this new system.
NATO supposes that it is “world’s first technology.”
When it will experiment at the station which is underground in a city with Europe in June, this year according to ?NATO, it says, “The explosive was able to be detected by real time and remoteness, without barring a passenger’s flow.”
The ? said system is equipped with a series of sensors and microwave scanning technology, and the abnormalities of the molecular structure which cannot be noticed are detected to a commuter.
According to NATO, this equipment can be scanned observing the related statute of an international security extensively, and Russia will start the test of a correspondence scenario by subway of St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) soon.
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