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[November 4 AFP] Picture of Mercury which the wide angle camera of the Mercury dual pickup system (Mercury Dual Imaging System, MDIS) carried in the Mercury spaceprobe messenger (MESSENGER) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) caught.
MDIS is mainly photoing the periphery by the side of the South Pole of Mercury once per week.
? — a huge impact crater with a diameter of 120 km which is not named conspicuous and visible near the center of the picture photoed toward the portion upon which a solar light strikes from dark shade.
The secondary crater is radiately located in a line with the circumference with two or more linear marks expected to be based on the ejecta in the case of a collision.
Although how depending on which light hits shows that it is not likely to be the crater made recently, compared with other large-sized craters, a thing with many secondary craters which were conspicuous by the circumference is characteristic.
The picture of the periphery which ? messenger photos provides NASA with the new information supplementary to the measurement information about the geographical feature of the Northern Hemisphere using the Mercury laser altimeter (Mercury Laser Altimeter, MLA) besides the information about the form and geographical feature of Mercury.
? messenger is the first probe in history thrown into the Mercury circumference orbit.
The investigation about the electric wave science by seven kinds of carried scientific instruments, etc. clarifies the history of Mercury and the details of evolution which are in the innermost part of the solar system little by little.
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