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[November 14 AFP] The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) exhibited the whole Saturn (Saturn) picture created combining the picture which Saturn probe Cassini (Cassini) photoed on the 13th.
The range of about 651,591 km containing a ring is caught, and, back, the earth is also reflected far small.
On ? July 19, 2013, Cassini which turned to the side opposite to Saturn to the direction of solar succeeded in photoing the medial region of the ring of a Saturn main part, seven satellites, and Saturn, and the earth which appears back far.
It was able to hide in the shadow of Saturn and was able to catch the Saturn system compared with the sun from the details inside the ring of Saturn, and the back by the intense light from the sun having been interrupted.
? Cassini turns the carried camera of both a wide angle and 狭角 to Saturn, and photos the picture of 323 sheets in about 4 hours.
Red and a green and blue filter were used for the picture of the exhibited whole, and it combined and created the picture of 141 sheets photoed with the wide angle camera so that it might be visible to natural tone.
The photography in ? July became the 3rd example that succeeded in global photography, the 2nd example to which Cassini succeeded in global photography from on the orbit of Saturn, and also the first example it was beforehand told to us who live on the earth that it was that a photograph is taken from a distance from the external solar system.
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