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[November 19 AFP] The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) succeeded in a launch of the uninhabited Mars explorer “May Vaughan (MAVEN, Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN)” on the 18th.
The key which knows why the warm climate and water of Mars were lost is searched for, and investigation about the atmosphere is conducted.
As planned [ of the beginning / rocket / which carried ? May Vaughan / atlas V(Atlas V)401 ], It was launched at 1:28 p.m. from Florida, U.S., (Florida) state Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (Cape Canaveral Air Force Station) (3:28 a.m. JST on the 19th).
? probe was safely separated from the rocket the 52 minutes afterward.
The flight director of NASA and Mr. Omar Baez (Omar Baez) launch – Separated [ both ], and they expressed, saying, “It was faultless.”
It is likely to become that ? May Vaughan arrives at Mars in September, 2014 ten months after.
In the missions started in two months, the exploration which goes around on the orbit 6000 km away from the Mars surface becomes main, but the investigation which descends to 125 km of skies is also planned 5 times.
? — water existed once and May Vaughan who spent 671 million dollars (about 67,100 million yen), and was built aims at explaining whether the Mars which may have been environment suitable for a life turned into a barren planet dry [ why ].
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