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[November 22 AFP] U.S. President John F. Kennedy (John F. Kennedy) was assassinated in Texas (Texas) state Dallas (Dallas) on November 22 50 years ago.
The deployment of this incident and after that which left the deep scar to the U.S. people’s heart was broadcast live by television, and became the cause for television [ having begun to have raised just still one’s head as major media those days ] to serve as central existence of the U.S. home.
On television, news and the special program which tell the tragedy of President assassination were broadcast after ? incident every day.
The television camera had caught also at the moment of Lee Harvey Oswalds (Lee Harvey Oswald) arrested as an assassination offense being shot dead.
The incident developed in real time is very for televisions, and brought innovation to the report.
■ The weekend which the time of television visited
It was around 12:34 p.m. on Friday that the United press International took out news flash, saying, “The bullet of three shots was fired into President Kennedy’s motorcade in Dallas” on November 22, 1963.
CBS television interrupts televising of a popular drama “アズ the world ターンズ (As The World Turns)”, and it determines to report the news of an assassination case at ? 12:40.
It was considered very much those days that televising discontinuation of a drama was a radical decision.
A legendary anchorman and Mr. Walter Cronkite (Walter Cronkite) told ? President’s death first of all.
The said person of a darkly depressed expression removed glasses, and it was printed on the U.S. people’s heart at the moment of using as a mouth to have assassinated the young President who burned with the ideal.
The Cathy Trost (Cathy Trost) vice-superintendent of the museum “new ジアム (Newseum)” of the journalism which is in capital Washington, D.C. (Washington D.C.) saying “It is one of the images which the person who saw cannot forget” tells.
“The time of television arrived at that weekend.
The newspaper was passed and it became the American’s main news sources of information.”
■ From newspaper culture to television society
? — the assassination case developed quickly was a symbolic occurrence the star of a U.S. report indicates it to be to have shifted to television from the newspaper.
According to Mr. pierced earring all man (Pierce Allman) who was acting as a programming director by ABC series television station WFAA of Dallas at the time of ? incident The top of each office concentrated on filling desire to the information which does not know the place in which the U.S. people drowned in “stopping [ for three days ]-all broadcasts of three evening and usual program” て and sadness remain.
The moment the scene where President ? Kennedy’s coffin (coffin) returned to Washington, Vice-President Lyndon Johnson (Lyndon Johnson)’s presidential inauguration several hours after assassination, and suspect Oswald arrived at the Dallas city police department. .
American people were riveted to the image projected on TV footage one after another.
According to ? marketing research major company Nielsen (Nielsen), it is 45% which expected television to get to know the condition of President Kennedy shot among the U.S. homes which owned television those days.
When it became the relay of the state funeral on the 25th at the beginning of the week, the rate exceeded 80%.
Professor David Greenberg (David Greenberg) (journalism) of ? U.S. Latho Garth university (Rutgers University), Television hardens the status as earnest news media through the Kennedy assassination report, and it is indicated that playing the original role which otherwise does not see a kind was shown.
“People depended on the occasion of the crisis, and just television explained the situation, comforted people, and became the media which deepen national bonds.”
■ Television is to “the window in the world.”
Although it was tumultuous days which the U.S. has not experienced till then for four days after ? assassination case, as for television, potential power was demonstrated here.
Mr. Ron Cochran (Ron Cochran) who acted as the newscaster by ABC News (ABC News) is saying once, “Although many people expected that when or television might become a window which is well-informed about the world, he became so truly.”
The role of the television of telling having occurred now with a full of ? presence was firmly played also at the moment of suspect Oswald’s being shot dead.
When having bombarded Oswald with the question so that the reporters who jostle may roar out up, one man appeared out of the crowd, and the gun was turned to Oswald, or the gun was discharged. .
Television relayed the full particulars of shooting to death by Jack Ruby (Jack Ruby).
The Trost vice-superintendent of “new ジアム” says that the TV coverage of the scale which is equal to the great report involving the Kennedy assassination case is still only the U.S. coordinated-terrorist-attacks report on September 11, 2001.
Although ?, however Mr. Trost build a steadfast status in society and their television is long, the U.S. situation of media is pointed out even if it is always continuing evolution.
It said, “The 1st news of news will be told on a social network from now on.”
(c)AFP/Fabienne FAUR

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