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[December 3 AFP] It becomes clear that short story 3 unpublished work of the U.S. writer who passed away in 2010, and J-D and Salinger (J. D. Salinger) is flowing out on the Internet, and it is calling the mystery at the end of November.
Although copyright is likely to pose a problem, attentions gather also as what shows Salinger’s new side called hermit of the literary world by one side.
Although ? Salinger gained global fame with the youth novel “The Catcher in the Rye (The Catcher in the Rye)” announced in 1951, It was shut in the Yonekita eastern part New Hampshire (New Hampshire) state near the five decades, and it was living quietly until it passed away at the age of 91 in 2010.
Although close people were saying that Salinger was continuing writing activities, it was wrapped in the mystery what was written.
? — this time — a network — a top — having flowed out — a novel — “– an ocean – full – オブ – drilling — Bowles (TheOcean Full of Bowling Balls) — ” — “– a birthday — a boy — (Birthday Boy) — ” — “– a Poral — (Paula) — ” — three — a work — it is — The short story of [ total and ] 41 pages.
It is in the state where it can peruse for free on various websites now.
It is concluded that the original of three works which ? Flowed out was sent at 67.5 pounds (about 11400 yen) by Internet auction major company eBay (eBay) in September, and if an exhibitor’s address is followed, it will be said that it gets to Brent Ford (Brentford) of western English London.
■ It is also worth of a reason although it is incomplete.
the three-work article which Mr. author Kenneth スラウェン skiing (Kenneth Slawenski) of the biography “truth for the Salinger ?? whole life 91 years (J. D Salinger: A Life)” of Salinger who became ? best seller newly found, [ attach and ] the difference of a grade — that — incomplete 作 which is a stage of a draft and is not polished up — it was told to AFP that it was valuable but.
“Salinger was a perfectionist about work.
The idea that edit still announced the work of a required state etc. must have been disliked.
However, since it is incomplete, I can hear from a work (it flowed out) about Salinger’s writing process.
It is new that it is made to eyes for readers.” (the スラウェン skiing)
The スラウェン skiing attaches importance to “drilling Bowles” most also in ?3 work.
It is because it is regarded as the work directly related to a “rye field.”
About ? Salinger’s unpublished novel, it was shown clearly in the documentary program announced in September that Salinger had left the will detailed about at least five works.
The publication to be applied in 2015?2020 from now on is expected.
■ the bookroom of rice size — a source
According to the ? スラウェン skiing, a total of seven works in which Salinger’s main season crop from the sheep included these three works are said that U.S. Princeton University (Princeton University) and University of Texas (University of Texas) possess, and are possible for a researcher’s inspection.
Princeton University which holds two or more Salinger’s unpublished short stories including “drilling Bowles” concludes that it is what it was unauthorized and was copied in the bookroom about the version which flowed out.
It is said that it may otherwise be copied before halfway of the 1980s the copy of Salinger’s type manuscript became disapproval.

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