IEに脆弱性、「代替ソフト使用を」 米国土安全保障省

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[April 29 AFP] Computer urgent correspondence team of the U.S. ground security prefecture which is a watchdog agency of cyber security () [ Computer Emergency Response Team and ] US-CERT — 28 days and U.S. Microsoft (Microsoft –) MS) According to the defect on the security found in the shrine browser “Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer, IE)”, it warned against using it for users noting that the hacker might invade.
?US-CERT issued a statement and it was said that the attack which aimed at the defect on the security of Internet Explorer 6?11 was checked.
Moreover, to users, it appealed to use an alternative browser until the formal updating program was announced.
We are [ as opposed to / especially / the computer which carries old base software (OS) “Windows XP” ] anxious about the defect on ? security.
About updating program offer of XP, Microsoft has already announced the end.
The hacker to whom ? Microsoft succeeded in 26 days and invasion had the same authority as a formal user, and had announced that he becomes possible to control a computer.

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