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[October 28 AFP] — the [ 13F1 ] — the Sebastian ベッテル (Sebastian Vettel) of red bull (Red Bull) which opted for comprehensive 4 successive victories in the 16 game India GP (India Grand Prix 2013) final on the 27th on the 26th on the day preceding the final It described the electric vehicle race “formula E (Formula E)” which will start in 2014 “is too quiet”, and the negative view that it is not the future of F1 was shown.
? ベッテル — 26 days — “– I am not pleased at all.
Say that I think that it is not the future which should exist”. “Hwang and others thinks that he is coming since F1 is felt.
It continued, “What will be felt if only the sound of a wind comes and does not surpass when a car goes past too much did not have anything.”
“Possibly, although I may be an old human being, I think that things, such as exclamation, and an explosion and vibration, are required to F1.”
The ? ベッテル itself says that the Flea run by Hockenheim (Hockenheim) in 1992 used as the F1 first watching a game is not forgotten.
The “formula E” series is due to be held in world 10 city starting with Beijing (Beijing) from September, next year.
5 teams has already expressed participation in the war.
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