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[October 25 AFP] The European Union (EU) summit meeting opened for two days in Belgium Brussels (Brussels) on the 24th.
While strain increased involving the doubt to which the U.S. was carrying out the intelligence operation also to the old ally, signs that the head of a foreign country also kept step pace with Germany and France in which an indignant attitude is not hidden were seen.
From the first, the EU summit meeting of ? this time was called in order to discuss a stimulus and digital economy of employment.
However, U.S. National Security Agency () [ National Security Agency and ] “The Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) German prime minister to whom interception of the mobile phone by NSA was reported judges “the espionage between friends must not occur” in advance of meeting attendance Among partners, reliance is required, It said, “We needed to reconstruct that reliance”, and determined the keynote of the meeting over which this problem casts a shadow.
Mr. ? Merkel conferred with the Francois Hollande (Francois Hollande) French President after that.
Although Mr. Hollande did not comment before the meeting, according to the French diplomatic source, he says [ that it is expected to examine how to adjust the correspondence of EU to the U.S. information gathering doubt, and ].
moreover, Prime Minister Enrico Retter (Enrico Letta) of Italy also said, “I would like to know truth”, and also heads, such as Belgium, Finland, and Marta, should act together, in order that there may be accountability in the U.S. and Europe may take care of the citizen of each country against reporters — the idea was shown.
The executive organ of ?EU and the European Commission (European Commission) appealed for the “position which united” about this problem.
Moreover, the warning to the motion which Chair Jose Manuel Barroso (Jose Manuel Barroso) also turned to “totalitarianism” was emitted.
A Vivian Reading (Viviane Reding) vice chairman (in charge of administration of justice, fundamental rights, and citizenship) “data protection must be applied if it is Prime Minister Merkel’s mobile phone in case of an average citizen’s E-mail.
The tone was strengthened as you should take not only declaration but action in an EU summit meeting.”
? and also Chair Martin Shultz (Martin Schulz) of the European Parliament also suggest suspension of negotiations on trade.
The voice for which other lawmakers are asked so that the inter-bank data sharing measure of EU in an anti-terrorism measure and the U.S. may be prohibited temporarily is going up.
It is ?, however one of these, and since it expects that Britain which has the U.S. and strong relation in respect of information gathering, and many countries, such as Spain, are the problems in connection with the national interest of each country, and separate from an information gathering act completely from the responsibility range of whole EU, it is opaque whether EU leaders can actually aim at opinion unification.

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