EU首脳会議、銀行破綻処理一元化で合意 共通防衛政策では溝

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[December 20 AFP] European Union (EU) held the last summit meeting this year, and opted for breakdown processing unification of the bank for overcoming the economic crisis in EU formally on the 19th.
Although it was the summit meeting which started several hours after seeing a big advance that 28 nations of affiliation agree on bank crash processing unification, in the European Security and Defence Policy, the difference of opinion of each country was thrown into relief.
Prime Minister Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) of ? Germany emphasizes the importance of that each country share and share armaments and keeping pace by a defense policy.
Moreover, France’s President Francois Hollande (Francois Hollande) proposed whether specific arms, such as an unmanned aircraft, could be developed jointly in an EU accession country.
? — flat rejection and a summit meeting became a place of the intense argument about the view that British Prime Minister David Cameron (David Cameron) should have the military capability of one to this in EU.
? — the epoch-making agreement that it unifies breakdown processing of a bank that 28 nations of affiliation reached agreement on the other hand.
It was drawn up by teachings and this has called it agreement of the maximum scale that emergency loan led to a line crack and the economic stagnation of whole EU by the breakdown of the bank in countries, such as Ireland, in a meaning called transfer of the state sovereignty to EU since foundation of a euro as a single currency.
? — in order for a single organization to perform supervisor of an ailing bank, and breakdown processing and to avoid the injection of public funds by this, a breakdown charge-off will be taken out from the fund which each bank subscribes.
A duty of the participation in this framework is imposed, and, as for Latvia which will introduce Euro 17 nations and next month of the euro zone, participation and a choice [ participate ] are given to the EU accession country which has not introduced Euro.
It is considered that this ? “Banking Union” foundation is a measure which improves the stability of the euro zone, and being useful for the growth made indispensable to EU and job creation is expected.
The euro zone where only 1.1% of growth and the unemployment rate of succeedingly high 12.2% are expected in 2014 needs the economic-stimulus measure strongly.
(c)AFP/Hui Min NEO

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