CO2排出量、2012年は2.2%増 中国の石炭火力発電が要因

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[November 20 AFP] The amount of discharge of the carbon dioxide (CO2) by a fossil fuel and cement production was mainly pushed on the increase in discharge by Chinese coal-fired power generation, and became the highest ever 35 billion tons by the increase of 2.2% compared with last year in 2012.
It unites with 19th U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP19) in session in Warsaw (Warsaw) in ? Poland, The report of the international research consortium “global carbon project (Global Carbon Project, GCP)” about global warming was released.
According to this, CO2 which makes a fossil fuel and cement production an emission source has increased by 58% compared with the index year of the discharge level of greenhouse gas, and 1990 carried out.
Moreover, in the report of GCP, it is predicted that it increases 2.1% by the ratio of the previous year, and amounts to 36 billion tons about the CO2 emissions in 2013 based on the guess from an economic activity.
The rate of increase in 2012 and 2013 was a little less than 2.7% of averages for the past ten years.
The main greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is CO2, and ?GCP says that occupying all mostly of the discharge by man is based on consumption and cement production of a fossil fuel, such as coal, oil, and gas, and about 4 billion tons which remains are based on other emission sources, such as change of land use.
The CO2 emissions of ? China are increase of 5.9% compared with last year, and occupied 70% for the increase in CO2 emissions in the entire world in 2012.
The Chinese amount rate of increase of discharge was an average of 7.9% in the past ten years.
Although consumption of a renewable resource or water-power generation increased about 25% in China in 2012, this originates in assumption CO2 emissions (baseline) being low, and will be offset by the increase of 6.4% of coal-fired power generation with a high baseline.
In 2012, coal-fired power generation occupied 68% of Chinese energy consumption.
That there was an increase conspicuous with ? and the other CO2 emissions in 2012 increased (the increase of 6.9% each and 1.8%), and this in Japan and Germany by the change to coal-fired power generation from nuclear power generation.
Moreover, India is increasing rapidly with 7.7% and, as for this, the increase of 10.2% of coal-fired power generation has become a factor.

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