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[November 8 AFP] “Spider-Man (Spiderman)” and “superman Hulke (The Hulk)”, U.S. comic publishing company Marvel (Marvel) which has seen out the hero of many, such as “Captain America (Captain America)”, at the world will start a month-long series of the super heroine’s “Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel)” new series in February, next year.
Although once “Ms. Marvel” was a beauty of blond 碧眼, it is the 10th generation girl of a Muslim’s Pakistan system American that newly becomes a hero the other day.
According to ? Marvel’s journalistic announcement, a new hero’s name is Camara Kern (Kamala Khan).
Great expectation of parents is the girl of the type required anywhere who is a pressure, having all possibilities by living in New Jersey (New Jersey) state Jersey City (Jersey City).
The Alex Alonso (Axel Alonso) chief editor of the Marvel comic explains “Although it is a 16-year-old very ordinary girl frantic about the search for self, it wakes up to superpower suddenly one day, and begins an unprecedented adventure.”
Also in the writing about modern religion, Adrian Arjona (Adrian Alphona) takes charge [ a certain G and Mr. Willow Wilson (G. Willow Wilson) ] of illustrating with the American female comic writer which the ? original converted to Islam, respectively.
In producing new “Ms. Marvel”, Mr. Wilson specializing in an original explains that it looks back upon its girlhood and is trying to draw as “a character which divides and can carry out empathy of the young woman and for which it pressed truly.”
It said, “It is a work for all the people who are looking at nerd girls and life aslant.”
Squadron leader carol デンバーズ (Carol Danvers) of blond 碧眼 of ? previous “Ms. Marvel” was a hero.
In new series, Camara who wore the baggy sweater to the sneaker disguises himself as the hero suit of traditional blue and red.
Mr. San’a アマナット (Sana Amanat) of ? editor in charge says that the cause to which Camara’s tale was born was “a desire to draw the true situation of the Islamic system Americans who separate from land with their root and live.”
However, the meaning of having a root of that he is a Muslim or the Pakistan system and living as an American is not likely to be the essence of a tale.
Mr. アマナット says, “It is a story describing what kind of thing occurs by raw affected ま of the young man who becomes that he is likely to be ultimately missed in the expectation hung, and one’s selection.”
2ちゃんですけど勘弁してね スマホ

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