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[November 6 AFP] The research institute of the country, etc. announced [ that production of the world’s first transgenics (GM) rice by which commercialization is planned in the Philippines is expected to be recognized with disregard to strong resistance of environmental groups etc. within 2 or 3 years from now on, and ] on the 5th.
International Rice Research Institute (International Rice Research Institute, IRRI) which assigns headquarters in ? Philippines, and a ratio — according to the place which the person in charge of both Department of Agriculture announced Although there was vandalism at one experimental farm in August by the activist who is opposed to production of the GM rice, it is said that “golden rice” of the genetically modified organism (GMO) developed newly completed test growing.
The アヒム Doberman pinscher (Achim Dobermann) deputy secretary general of the Supreme Court of ?IRRI emphasized “, at present, the GM rice put on the market officially does not exist in what country, either.”
According to the ? said deputy secretary general of the Supreme Court, it is based on the length of a period which recognition takes, but by the time the preparation which circulates a seed to a farmhouse is completed, it will be said that it takes “two to three years” at the lowest.
Mr. Antonio Alfonso (Antonio Alfonso) who generalizes the biotechnology plan of ? ratio Department of Agriculture says that the examination for judging the safety about consumption and cultivation of the GM rice from now on is due to be carried out.
Transgenics is performed so that ? golden rice may make vitamin A.
Many developing countries’ people’s meal runs short of vitamin A, low 化 of immunity, loss of eyesight, etc. were caused as a result, and IRRI has pointed [ dying in many cases and ] out.
Although it is ?, GMO brings about harmful side effects, and it is opposed to GMO noting that it may diffuse it so that recovery does not attach many environmental groups to non-GMO crops, either.
? international setting protection organization pea (Greenpeace) has gained before the court decree which asks for the stop of test growing of a GMO eggplant in the Philippines.
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