「Xbox Oneホテル」、仏パリにオープンへ

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[November 14 Relaxnews] Microsoft (Microsoft) France, the hotel which unites with sale of the next-generation home video game machine “Xbox One (Xbox one)” of the company, and is located in Paris (Paris) — “– a hotel – Ore (Hotel O) ” is transformed into the space on the theme of the game machine.
“An Xbox one hotel (Xbox One Hotel)” is due to be opened for general on the November 22 [ same ] as the release date of this next generation video game console.
Although Ola Ito (Ora Ito), the French person designer, designed hotel Ore of the エレガンシア (Elegancia) group series, on the whole, he is remodeled lately.
? — Microsoft offers experience which is completely attached to the game world of an Xbox in the hotel known for a minimalist design and the latest equipment.
Some rooms were ornamented on the theme of the popular game.
As well as ? visitor, 試遊 of a next-generation machine is possible and it can try a sound and recognition of operation, and new functions, such as an animation and musical piece distribution.
The game of an Xbox is provided with the cocktails of special make which obtained the idea in the bar which can use also except ? visitor.
The business of ? Xbox one hotel is till January 1, next year.
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